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3PCA-RRC (Radio Resource Controller) (50 Marks)

1 What does UE get in SIB1?
2 What does UE get in SIB2?
3 What does UE get in SIB3?
4 What does UE get in PCCH?
5 Where is MIB mapped in a frame?
6 Where is SIB1 mapped in a frame?
7 How do you get SIB2 to SIB13 periodicity?
8 What is SI Modification Period?
9 How do you get SI change notified?
10 After System Information, what UE does UE need before Cell Selection?
11 Which access class gives you emergency services?
12 What extra services do you get by AC 11 and 15?
13 How is state "Camped on Any Cell" different from "Any Cell Selection" state?
14 How do you calculate RSRQ?
15 Specify the minimum “S” for valid candidate Cell.
16 When does UE go from RRC Idle Mode to Connected mode?
17 What is SIntraSearchP?
18 When will UE choose not to perform measurements in Intra-Frequency cells?
19 What is SnonIntraSearchP?
20 When will UE choose not to perform measurement in Inter-RAT/Inter-Freq cells
21 How do you say a mobile is in Medium speed?
22 How do you say a mobile is in High speed?
23 What is T_cr_max, N_cr_H, N_cr_M?
24 What are the mobility scaling factors- sf-high and sf-medium?
25 What is TreselectionRAT?
26 For Cell Re-selection, for best cell ranking, RSRQ is not used, why?
27 When will a UE initiate re-selection w.r.t. time?
28 What is special in the re-selection from a CSG/Hybrid cell to non-CSG cell?
29 What are the L3 BCCH messages in DL-SCH?
30 How many SIB messages are included in an SI message?
31 What is a PF (Paging Frame)?
32 What is PO (Paging Occasion)?
33 How does the UE get the System Information of Serving Cells other than P Cell?
34 How does UE know that there is a change in SI and it needs to monitor and read the SIBx?
35 When is RRC connection reconfiguration  initiated?
36 When is Proximity indication initiated?
37 When is Counter check  initiated?
38 When is RRC connection re-establishment initiated?
39 When is Radio resource configuration  initiated?
40 What are UE actions upon PUCCH/ SRS release request  initiated?
41 What are attributes for DRB?
42 What are attributes for SCell?
43 What are attributes for SRB?
44 In ASN.1, what is CHOICE?
45 In ASN.1, what is SEQUENCE?
46 What is measurement gap and how much gap is required to read another cells measurement?
47 What is inactivity timer? What is the value and how is it calculated?
48 How do you define active time in DRX?
49 When does UE go from un-synchronised state to synchronised state?
50 What are the UE radio temporary identities in eNB?
51 What is too late Handover?
52 What is too early handover?