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Online Test - LTE Overview (3PC-ENT )

Q1. Who Manages the Error correction in the LTE data transmission?
Q2. Whether Carrier Aggregation is used or not, which function is not affected?
Q4. How many subcarriers are required for PSS and SSS and BCH respectively?
Q5. Which statement is false about DCI?
Q6. Which statement is false about PCFICH?
Q7. Which statement is false about PHICH?
Q8. What is false about MBSFN and MBSFN region?
Q9. What is false statement about PSS and SSS?
Q10. What is false about OFDMA and SC-FDMA?
Q12. What is not TRUE about Transmit Diversity?
Q13. What is false about C-RNTI?
Q14. What is not true about Sounding Reference Signal Procedure?
Q15. What isNOT true about BPSK and QPSK?