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LTE-4G-5G-IOT-D2D-VoLTE-AppServer Online Courses (as per 3GPP specifications)


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1. 4G-LTE Architecture Overview

    1.1 LTE Architecture

    1.2 3GPP Mobile Network (LTE & non-LTE)

    1.3 Basic NAS/GTP Call Processing

    1.4 Basic RRC/L2/L1 Call Processing

    1.5 Basic PCRF/PGW Call Processing

    1.6 Basic VoLTE/IMS Call Processing

2. LTE - RAN/UE(mobile)

    2.1 Physical Layer

           2.1.1 Frame Structure - click on this topic for sample..

           2.1.2 Reference Signals

           2.1.3 DL Channel Mapping

           2.1.4 UL Channel Mapping

           2.1.5 DL/UL Channel Processing

           2.1.6 MiMo and Modes

           2.1.7 PDCCH-DCI Messages

           2.1.8 PHY-HARQ Procedures

           2.1.9 Synchronization Procedures

           2.1.10 Random-Access Procedures

           2.1.11 OFDMA and SC-FDMA

    2.2 L2-MAC-RLC-PDCP

           2.2.1 MAC-Architecture

           2.2.2 MAC-Random-Access

           2.2.3 MAC-HARQ (DL/UL) Procedures

           MAC Messages and Functions


           DRX Procedure


           RLC-UM Mode

           RLC-AM Mode


    2.3 RRC-L3

          RRC- UE and eNB Architecture

          RRC-IdleMode Processing

          Paging (RRC) Procedure

          SIB Broadcast/Receipt Timing

          RRC Connection-Establishment


          Intra-RAT Handover

          Inter-RAT Handover

          Release Procedure


          MBMS Procedures

          Brief SIB/RRC Message Walkthrough

3. LTE - EPC-Core

    3.1 NAS Protocol

           NAS states and Basic Call Flows

           eMM Procedures

           eSM Procedures

    3.2 S1-Protocol

           S1AP Message Walkthrough

    3.3 GTP Protocol

           GTP Message Walkthrough

    3.4 HSS-S6a-Diameter

           HSS-MME Function/Messages

    3.5 P-GW-PCRF-Gx Diameter

          Gx Diameter Message Walkthrough

    3.6 P-GW-Gy-OnlineBilling

          Online Gy Architecture

           Online Gy Message Flow

    3.7 S-P-GW GTP Protocol

           GTP Message Walkthrough

4. LTE -Adv/Pro

    4.1 Rel-10a

    4.2 Rel-10b

    4.3 Rel-11

    4.4 Rel-12a

    4.5 Rel-12b

    4.6 Rel-13

    4.7 Rel-14

5. 5G-LTE - Architecture,

   5.1 5G-Architecture

   5.2 Massive IOT



    5.3 SDN, NFV implementation

           SDN in 5G - sample availavle, click on topic

           NFV in 5G

    5.4 5G- OSS-Virtualized-TM


    5.5 D2D

           D2D Proximity Arechitecture-Pc3/PC5

           Direct Discovery

           Direct Communication

           D2D PHY Layer

           D2D MAC-RRC Layer

           D2D Applicatons PC1/Pc2/PC3/PC4/PC5


    IMS Architecture

    SIP-SDP Protocol

    Registration Processing

    VoLTE Call Processing

    Wireshark Call Log Analysis

    VoLTE Supplementary Calls

    CSCF/IMS Call Processing

    SMS App-Server Example

    Cx-Rx Diameter Processing

    SRVCC Call Procesing