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Why 3GNets LTE?

  • What our Students Saying??
  • Rel-8-15 Covered
  • L1/ L2 and L3 modules 
  • 3GPP Algos, Procedures
  • 5G RAN with SDN, NFV 
  • Faculty from Dev, Test
  • Hands on  LTE Projects 
  • Implement a real project 
  • direct interviews 
  • Job Assistance

An Telecom Protocol Excellence

We provide Training in LTE/SIP/IOT/5G as per 3GPP Spec for all releases Rel-8-15 and Rel-15(38 series) for UE and Networks PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, NAS, Diameter, MME, GTP, S/P-GW, PCRF/HSS, HeNB/LIPA, SIP-IMS, VoLTE, SRVCC , C-IOT by NB-LTE, LTE-Sidelink ProSe D2D, SDN, NFV, CoAP/6LoWPAN and provide Certification, Skill building in .Conformance Test and Network throughput Enhancement as per the specs. We do Field and LAB Tests for any of these features. 

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Training Needed? - For details, leave sms/whatapp to +919886060606. 

3G Network Solutions is engaged in providing 3GPP Protocol stack - development, Conformance Testing for UE, functional testing of eNB and EPC and Network throughput Optimization Training in 4G-LTE L1,L2,L3 layers.  Our trained resources can Design, Develop and  Test LTE modules for L1, L2, AS RRC and NAS for UE and Networks entities like eNB, MME, S-GW, P-GW etc or NW Planning/ RF Engineering in LTE Networks.

We are positioned with unique Profile  to help implement and Test 3GPP protocol stacks and functionalities of Mobiles, eNB, MME, S-GW, P-GW etc. Our Training Courses  are delivered on a regular basis, as per Training Celendar online. To make it easier, we have Online Training (Webinars) courses conducted you can enroll. We work closely with development and testing teams to fulfil resource requirements in this areas and develop enhanced version. We aspire to fill this gap and "Exceed Expectations" through our innovative solutions and service by our excellent 3GNets Team. See what our ex-students are saying- Testimonials.

Our Engineers will go through Hands on PROJECTs  experience of Developing and Testing Projects in PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, eMM, eCM, eSM etc.. modules with C/Linux platform during the course so that they are productive day-1. We will cover most of the above in our LTE Overview course. As a sample of our detailed courses, you can have a look at L2RRCor NAS Courses. We continuously update ourselves with Mobile Technology to serve IT and Telecom industry with 3GPP enhancements.  You can have more insight in our insight section. Keep watching the events we conduct.

Provide best Wireless Services of Development, Testing, Enhancement with best trained Engineers.

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3GNets HelpDesk:   +91 9886060606.

Address: 161 Fern City, Fern City Road, ORR, Doddanekundi (Near Samsung, Bagmane Tech Park), Bangalore-INDIA, +91 988 6060606

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