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JOBs and respective TRAINING COURSES

JOB Oriented Training- LTE Protocol Stack

1. LTE Technology Overview 

O1 Mobile Network Concepts 
O2-O3 LTE SAE Architecture
O4 Motivation to LTE 
O6 LTE Frame Structure 
O7 PHY Chan Mapping
O8-O9 PHY Chan processing
O10-O11  PHY Layer Procedures
O12   MAC Overview 
O13-O14  RLC Overview 
O15   PDCP Overview 
O16-O17  RRC Overview
O18-O19  NAS Overview
O20  Overview Review 
O21  Overview Test 

2. LTE L1 Stack 
1.Channels/RS Mapping UL
2.Channels/RS Mapping DL

3.Phy Layer TB Processing Steps UL
4.Phy Layer TB Processing Steps DL
5.LTE PHY Layer Procedures
6.DCI Formats & Interpretation
7.UL Channels Procedures
8.DL Channels Procedures
9.Power Control (TPC)
10.Random Access Procedure
11.Resource Allocation and Types
12.HARQ Procedure and PHICH
13.Frequency Hopping Procedure
14.TD-LTE & FDD Differences

3. LTE L2 Stack 

1.MAC Architecture
2.LTE-Advanced MAC Arch.
3.MAC Logical Channel Prioritization
4.MAC PDU's and Messages
5.RLC Architecture and Types
6.RLC-AM ARQ Procedure
7.RLC-TM and RLC-UM Procedures
8.PDCP Architecture & Functions

4. LTE L3-Access Stack 
R1  RRC Idle Mode - Initial - 3
R2  RRC Idle Mode -Cell Reselection - 5
R3-R4 Paging Procedure - 6
R5-R6  Sys Info from eNB- 6
R7-R8  Connection Control-6
R9   Intra-RAT Handover-3
R10 Inter-RAT Handover-2
R11  RRC Measurement Procedures-3
R12  RRC timing Management-3
R13  RRC MBMS -2
R14  RF Parameters Analysis-2
R15  RRC Message formation-3
R16  RRC Review-3
R17  RRC Test-2
R18-R19 RRC Architecture & Design -8
R20-R26 RRC development (Project) -20
R20-R26 RRC Testing (Project) -20

5. LTE L3-NAS  Stack 
N1-2 NAS Overview - 5
N3  NAS MM, CM, SM states - 3
N4  NAS Security Overview - 3
N5  NAS L3 Signalling Overview - 3
N6 NAS MM Common Procedures-4
N7-N8 NAS MM Specific Procedure-5
N9 NAS CM Procedures-3
N10 NAS Session Management Overview -2
N11 NAS MME Initiated SM Procedures -3
N12  NAS UE Initiated SM Procedures-3
N13  NAS Messaging Summary-3
N14  NAS IE's and Message Formats-3
N15 NAS Review-3
N16 NAS Test-3
N17-N18 NAS Architecture & Design -8
ND19-ND24 NAS development (Project) -20
NT19-NT24 NAS Testing (Project) -20

6. EPC Nodes  
1.MME Functions

2.Overall QoS Concepts
3.S-GW Functions
4.P-GW Functions
5.PCRF Functions
6.HSS Functions
7. NNSF/ EPS Nodes Pooling

7. Interfaces Protocols
1.S1 Interface & S1AP

2.X2 Interface & X2AP
3.GTP-c Protocol
4.S5/S8 Protocol
5.PMIP Protocol
6.MBMS Protocol(M1,M2,M3)
7.Diameter Protocol

8. LTE Specific Topics 
1.HeNB/FemtoCell Architecture & Procedures

2.Relay Node Architecture
3.Minimization of drive Test
4.SON Overview and Procedures
5. NNSF and Node Pools Selection
6.CoMP - Co-ordinated Multi Point
7.ICIC Procedures
8.Voice and SMS and LTE today
9.VoLTE now and Future
10.LCS Architecture
11.SIP Overview
12.IMS Overview

9. Testing Conformance 
1.Testing Physical Layer (36.521)

2.Testing MAC/RLC/PDCP (36.523)
3.Testing RRC (36.523)
4.Testing NAS (36.523)
5.eNB Conformance (36.141)

10. C/Linux Practicals (72Hrs)
1. C Basics and Programming

2.Linux Basics and Programming
3.Labs and Practicals
4.3GPP Projects Implementations