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Context+RAB Management

Initialize the UE-Context Table
Initialise Radio-Resource Table (UL & DL)
Initialise SRB Table (UL & DL)
Initialise DRB Table (UL & DL)
Implement Message processing for SRB Add-Mod-Rel
Implement Message processing for DRB Add-Mod-Rel
Implement UE-Context Add-Mod-Rel
Implement mapping of Radio-Resources to SRB/DRB


System Information Broadcast

SI Data Initialization
MIB Broadcast
SIB1 Broadcast
SIB2 to SIB13 SI Periodicity and window definition
SI Broadcast
SI Modification and Modification Window

eNB Paging Management

Paging is initiated by MME-eMM whenever there is MT call in Idle or connecetd mode. Here is the path of Paging shown.
 Paging Frame and Paging Occasions (PF and PO) are calculated and messages are consolidated and sent together if all fo them fall into same PF+PO values. The following table explains how it is calculated.

Following picture shows the design of PAGING module implemented at the eNB-RRC.


Define the Message List it can handle
Pass the NAS Messages as it is
Identify RRC Messages 
Process Messages- RRCConnectionRequest, RRCConnectionSetupComplete, Paging, RRCConnectionRelease Processing      
On RRCConnectionRequest - Setup UE-Context and Fork(Call-Proc(UE-ID)) with that message.


For every specific UE-id there will be one process
Process the received message
For the reply message if required and send

Update the Context Table - Add-Mod-Del
Update the SRB Table - Add-Mod-Rel
Update the DRB table - Add-Mod-Rel
Manage Readio-Resources for that specific UE-id
Implement the message formation and sending of:
Process Kills Itself