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RRC Course Content

RRC (L3 -  Access Stratum)

(1)RRC Idle Mode - Initial Operation
RRC-Idle State Transition
Idle Mode Tasks Overall

Idle Mode Process
Initial Synchronization  

SIB Information List
Cell Categories - Service Types
PLMN Selection
TA Update (Registration)  

TAU Purpose  
TAU initiation Triggers  

Measurement Architecture  
Measurement Procedures  
Meas. Objects, ID, Report

(2)RRC Idle Cell-Reselection
Cell Type Definitions
S & R Criteria 
Speed Factors
Ranking Access Restrictions
CSG Considerations
SIB3 Processing
Cell State Analysis
Log Measurements 

(3)Paging Procedure
Purpose & Initiation
Paging through E-UTRAN using S-TMSI
Paging through E-UTRAN using IMSI
Paging for CS fallback to A/Gb/Iu mode
Paging for SMS
RRC Paging Procedure
Paging Occasion & Paging Frames
Paging Message & Structure

(4)System Information Reception
Frequency Scan of LTE Bands
Synchronisation with PSS, SS & RS
MIB and SIBs 
SI Change Notification & Modification Window
MIB/SIB Examples
MIB, BCCH (DL-SCH) Message StructureSI - Scheduling Information
SI-Window and Periodicity
SI Acquisition & Timing
SI Aquisition Failure Scenarios
Reception of GSM, UMTS and CDMA System Information

(5)RRC Connection Control
RRC Connection ControlConnection Context Setup/Modify/Release
E-RAB Setup/Modify/Release
DL CCCH and DCCH Messages
UL CCCH and DCCH Messages
Connection Control Procedures
RRC connection establishment
Request/Setup/Complete - Reject and Accept
Access Barring Check
Initial security activation
RRC connection reconfiguration
Mobility Parameters
Counter check
RRC connection re-establishment
RRC connection release
RRC connection release requested by upper layers
Radio resource configuration
DRB Add/Modify/Release
SCell Add/Modify/Release
Radio link failure related actions
UE actions upon leaving RRC_CONNECTED
UE actions upon PUCCH/ SRS release request
Proximity indication

(6)RRC Intra-RAT Handover
Idle Mode Mobility
Connected Mode mobility
Handover Signalling with X2/ with S1
HO Call Flow
HO Preparation
Resource Allocation,
HO Notification
HO Cancellation
Path Switch
Handover Notify
Handover Failure
C-Plane and H-Plane HO Processing
PDCP Data Forwarding on HO
Mobility Robustness Optimization
Too Late/Early/Wrong Handover
RLF Indication
Handover Report
CQI and Congestion management
Load Reporting among Two Cells

(7)RRC Inter-RAT Handovers
Inter-RAT Concept
Unnecessary HO to another RAT
Mobility from LTE to other RAT
Success and Failure case from EUTRA
Handover from GERAN/UTRA to E-UTRA
Inter-RAT Cell Change Order

(8)RRC Measurements
Measurement configuration
Measurement Structures and Parameters
Measurement report triggering
Measurement reporting
Meas. Id Add/Delete/Modify
Measurement related actions
Performing measurements
Inter-frequency RSTD measurement indication
L3 Filtering
A1-A6 and B1-B2 Events
Speed Dependent scaling
Logged Measurement Configuration
Release of Logged Measurement Configuration
Measurements logging

(9)RRM Timings and Tolerance
Intra and Inter-Freq Timing
S&R Criteria, Paging Interruption
Inter/Intra FDD/TDD Handover Requirement
RRC Re-establishmentDelay Requirement
Random Access Requirement
UE Transmit Timing & TA
Cell Phase Synchronization Requirement
LTE and CDMA/HRPD Synchronization
Radio Link Monitoring (Q-in, Q-Out) Requirement

(10)MBMS and MBSFN
MBMS Introduction
MBMS Scheduling
MBMS Structure and Parameters
Information Validity and Change Notification
MBMS Info acquisition
MBMS Bearer(MRB) Configuration
Counting Procedure

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