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                                TRAINING    Courses

WeekEnd Courses

1. LTE-RAN - PHY Layer, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC-Idle, RRC-Connected, MBMS, Measurements and HO, IE and Log Analysis

2. LTE-Adv - Carrier-Aggregation, LWA/LWIP, D2D Proximity Services, Dual Connectivity, eICIC, eMBMS, CoMP etc. (PreReq- LTE RAN)

3. nbIOT/nbLTE - 5G-IOT, PHY, MAC, RRC, NAS changes to LTE Protocols (PreReq- LTE RAN)

4. LTE-EPC - NAS, GTP, Diameter, Non-3GPP Handovers within MME,HSS,SGW,PGW,PCRF, NAS Log Analysis

5. SIP-IMS-VoLTE - IMS/LTE Architecture, SIP/SDP Messages, Log Analysis, Theory and Hands-ON

6. IOT - CoAP-RPL(RoLL)-6LoWPAN, D2D-basedV2X-ProSe(PC1-PC5) Protocols

7. 5G-RAN - PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC-Idle/Inactive/Connected, Measurements and HO, IE and Log Analysis (PreReq- LTE ADV)